Horrifying – A Litter Of Kittens Reaps A Man To Shreds!

Sometimes, pain is a beautiful thing. No, we’re not talking about hurting yourself. We’re talking about the kind of pain this man experienced – he was bottle-feeding a litter of kittens when they jumped on him and clawed him while he fed them! He lets the kittens crawl all over him, and even though it’s obviously a bit painful, it’s definitely worth it.

“They’re clawing me all over the body,” the man says with a laugh. After a while, it becomes too much to bear, plucking the kittens off him and hand feeding them one by one. It doesn’t work for long time – it takes a minute before the hungry beasts are all over him again! One even climbed on his head!

A few minutes later, the man sees that there’s no stopping them, so he gives in to the beautiful pain. It hurts so bad, but he’s determined to fight through it. He gets the kittens off him again and picks the tiniest one only. And it’s the same story again – as soon as the other kittens see this, they’re climbing on the man and reaching for the bottle of milk.

“Take a picture of mommy,” the man says to the person with the camera. The camera then cuts to the kittens’ mother, licking herself in the lawn, not really caring about what the kittens are doing.

Take a look at the ‘bloody’ video – we’re sure it’ll make your day!