Photos: Unique Cardboard Box Cat Homes

The cardboard box has always been a perplexing feat of wonder to cats. You can easily keep your fur baby entertained for hours with that collection of Amazon boxes growing in the corner of your kitchen and no matter how much money you spend on a well-made one or elaborate piece of kitty furniture, they’re always going to prefer to play or snooze in a regular old cardboard box.

However, Bulgarian company Cacao Furniture knows this, and combines the best of both worlds, offering fun and creative cat shelters made from the feline’s favorite material.

Each cardboard box is beautifully and carefully crafted, making them an attractive alternative to the ones that house your internet purchases.

The inventive store was created by a team of two friends with the help of one very inspirational cat. Each cat cave is created with strong corrugated cardboard that can stand up to the barrage of claws and teeth it will likely attract. They’re all made from eco-friendly material and are completely glue-free, so they can be disassembled and put back together when you need the extra space.

You can pick up one for your furry friend on their official website:

The offerings include Doctor Who’s tardis, cars, sharks, and even a treasure chest that has a working lid.