Kitten Cruelly Tied To Makita Electric Circular Saw – In A River, Is Rescued

SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Good Samaritans are condemning a “horrendous” act after they rescued a kitten found weighed down by a circular saw in the River Torrens.

The six-month-old tiny black kitten was rushed to the emergency vet on Friday night and will be taken into the care of RSPCA on Saturday.

Megan Eastaughffe, who is 41 and of Hendon, first heard a meow “like a scream” when she was feeding her horse near Warramunga St, Fulham, at 8.15pm on Friday just before spotting the distressed kitten in the water.

“I tried to coax her to swim to me, at first she was trying to,” she explained.

“Then I changed my angle … and saw something was tied to her waist.”

Her friend Jessica Searle, who is 22 and of Fulham, came to help and waded into the one-metre-deep water to grab the feline.

That’s precisely when the women realized their four-legged friend was weighed down by a circular saw and its electric cord was tied to the kitten’s waist.

“It was just horrendous, I was half sobbing, that was so overwhelming,” Ms Eastaughffe stated.

“How could anyone do something like this?”

“If you don’t want an animal, why harm a beautiful, innocent creature which only has love to give when you have other options?”

The “adorable” kitten who has since been named Splash was extremely relieved and immediately warmed to her rescuers.

“She was shaking but so affectionate,” Ms Eastaughffe stated.

“She was purring and rubbed up against us and giving us cuddles.”

They noticed the kitten’s coat, whiskers and eyelashes had also recently been clipped.

The pair immediately rushed to the Adelaide Animal Emergency and Referral Centre on Anzac Hwy not knowing how long the kitten has been in the water.

Fortunately, the kitten was healthy, however, was without any identification or microchip, the owner could not be tracked down.

“If anyone has seen anything they should report it ebcause we don’t want a sick individual around our horses,” Ms Eastaughffe stated.

RSPCA South Australia Inspector Verity Otto officially confirmed the organisation was investigating the incident.

“RSPCA South Australia is treating this as a deliberate act of cruelty and is appalled by the incident,” she stated.

“Under the Animal Welfare Act, anyone found guilty of aggravated animal ill-treatment could face up to four years in gaol or a $50,000 fine.

“Luckily the cat was pulled from the Torrens and taken to a vet by the kind people who found her and now she will remain in our care for the time being as our investigation continues.”

Ms Otto is asking anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the area on Friday evening or has any information about the incident to call the RSPCA’s 24-hour hotline on 1300 477 722.

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