This Senior Cat Mufasa Cried Out For Help At The Shelter And One Person Didn’t Hesitate To …

Mufasa, who is 10 years old, was just waiting to be adopted in a local Humane Society shelter in Georgia. Already old and sick, the feline had little chance of finding a home.

Thankfully, he finally crossed paths with Hannah, a young woman who was visiting the shelter to try and become a volunteer. However, when Mufasa saw Hannah pass by his cage, he pushed his head towards her. The young woman immediately fell in love with the feline.

She went on to explain to the site LoveMeow,

“He had an upper respiratory infection and a bad case of feline acne and gingivitis (he’s missing some teeth, too). Since he was a sick and older than all of the other cats, my heart broke for him”.

Even more so when Hannah learned that Mufasa had originally been abandoned and left at the shelter.

As soon as the young woman opened up the door to his cage, the cat came to her for some cuddles. Hannah simply couldn’t leave the shelter without him.

That’s precisely how Mufasa found a forever home. The kitty immediately felt very comfortable at his brand new home and even staked his claim on a portion of the bed.

The kitty has no other health problems. He is said to be extremely playful, and Hannah has only one desire: to spoil him rotten.

She ended with,

“I am so glad that I found him”!