Frozen cat comes ‘back to life’ after being found buried under snow

Whenever a living thing freezes, bringing it back is impossible. Well, except in some cases. Vets were miraculously able to “revive” an almost frozen cat recently after finding it buried under piles of snow in extremely cold weather!

The poor kitten called Fluffy left home one day and didn’t came back for hours. As there was a snow storm that day, her owners went out to find the lost kitty. They were shocked to find fluffy under a mountain of snow and rushed her to an animal hospital. The staff didn’t think Fluffy could be saved. The cat spent hours under snow at -8C and was unresponsive. However, Fluffy’s owners insisted on defrosting cat.

The vets tried started the procedure immediately. But, after a few hours, Fluffy wasn’t doing better. After consulting with the owners, they agreed to continue the process for another couple of hours. They didn’t expect anything to happen. This time, however, Fluffy began showing signs of recovery! In the end, the beautiful cat managed to survive unscathed and is now doing fine.

Fluffy was lucky to survive – we’d say her chances of defrosting were one in a million.