Rescue Cat Has 9 Babies After Rescuing Orphaned Kittens!

A rescued mother cat had four kittens which were all her own. However, she soon took in another five orphan babies were crying for love. She went running as soon she heard one of the babies crying for help.

“Today my foster cat showed us her awesomeness! She has 4 kittens that are 7 days old. I got a call from Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, that they had 5 orphan kittens of similar age. I brought them home to see if she would adopt them. As soon as she heard one cry she came running. She is now the proud momma of 9 kittens,” Kim Teschan stated on her Facebook page.

She absolutely loves all of her babies, and feeds and cleans them as if they were all from her original litter, with the help of replacement kitten milk and some heating pads.

Mama cat to the rescue!