This Kitten Was Found Covered In Glue, But Look At Him Now!

A kind-hearted man found a tiny helpless 4-week-old kitten. The man immediately took the poor kitty to Tierheim Köln Zollstock, which is a rescue group from Germany.

The rescuers doubted that he would even survive that first night.

“I can’t believe what the baby must have been through,” “The front paws were stuck on his cheeks.” the rescue group explained.

The team was absolutely determined to save the poor wee one and so, they did everything they could possibly think of to keep the kitten alive.

They literally worked around the clock to remove the glue by applying oil and baby shampoo.

One of the team members even went the extra mile, taking the kitty home to continue cleaning him over the course of that weekend!

After a lot of hard work, they managed to clean most of the glue.

They decided to name the kitten Mino.

Mino found a very good friend in his foster home – so good that his foster carer decided to adopt him!

Just take a look at how adorable Mino is with his brand new best doggie friend!