Kitten Near Death Who Wouldn’t Even Eat and the Siberian Husky Who Saved Her!

What an inspiring story this is!

Meet Rosie the kitten and her brand new best friend and surrogate mom Lilo, who is a Siberian Husky.

When Little Rosie was about three weeks old, she wasn’t very healthy. She was close to death, despite her humans taking around the clock care of her. She wouldn’t even eat and it seemed like she was giving up!

One day, on a whim, they decided to let the kitten play with their Siberian Husky, Lilo.

Lilo had never had her own offspring before, but the two immediately hit it off and bonded quickly.

Lilo even aloowed the kitten suckle on her, and strangely, the kitten began improving in just a week’s time!

Today, she is happy and healthy!