Stray Cat Wanders Over To Bear — How The Bear Reacts Leaves Onlookers Breathless

Birds of a feather, flock together – usually! But how about a feral black cat and a black bear?

Presenting Little Bear, who is the cat, and his buddy, Sequoia, a 550-pound bear are BFFs!

The two actually share some living space at a California zoo, and according to Jill Faust, who is senior zookeeper, the dog food they put out for Sequoia attracted Little Bear.

In an article by UPI, Faust went on to explain that once they saw Little Bear was making regular visits, they put food out for her too!

As you can probably surmise, many visitors to the zoo were concerned for the health and safety of the cat – however,

Little Bear strolls right up to Sequoia with absolutely no fear – in fact, the two can be seen lounging together in the shade after meals!

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