Kitten Nursery in Utah Aims to Save 1,500 Cats This Year!

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Kittens in Salt Lake City now have a better chance than ever of finding a forever home, as Best Friends Animal Society is opening up their kitten nursery for full-time use.

The nursery takes in orphaned kittens and mother cats with nursing kittens until they are two weeks old and weigh at least two pounds.

The facility can tend to up to 100 cats.

Lawrence Nicolas, an adoptions manager for Best Friends, stated the kittens come from shelters across the Salt Lake valley.

“There are a lot of kittens here in the Salt Lake area looking for help, and that’s why this nursery is so very important,” he said. “We’re able to provide that care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and really give them what they need.”

Best Friends Animal Society says kittens are the most at-risk animals in any shelter, and their goal is to save a whopping 1,500 this year alone. The nursery does not accept animals from the public because they exist solely as a support resource for their shelter partners.

For more information about Best Friends and their mission, visit their website.