Kitten Rescued from McDonald’s Drive-Thru!

AUSTRALIA – A tiny ginger kitten with a broken shoulder has recently been rescued from a McDonald’s drive-through after his other siblings were killed ­trying to cross a busy highway.

The nine-week-old kitten’s lucky escape happened after worried animal lovers literally surrounded the Leopold restaurant on the Bellarine Highway.

Rescuer Becci Campbell explained that the tiny kitten had been seen running across the Bellarine Highway to parkland before it was hurt and made its home at the fast-food restaurant.

“I got a phone call saying a kitten was at the Leopold Macca’s in the drive-through and looked injured. Everyone said they’d known about him for a while, that he lived in the sanctuary and would run across the highway for food,” she stated.

“One by one, all the other ­kittens got killed and when this one got injured he stayed at the McDonald’s.

“He was scared and in a lot of pain but once we wrapped him up and got him home, dried off and fed, I’ve never seen a cat eat so much. It was obvious he’s never felt warmth or love or a full belly before.”

Ms Campbell said a trip to the vet and subsequent X-rays ­uncovered a shattered shoulder and also an infection, which she is now raising money to cover.

McDonald’s store manager Ashleigh Cameron claims her team was thrilled to learn the kitten was safe.

She said it had been seen in the drive-through at night on and off for about two weeks with staff ­unable to catch it.

“He was injured and so slow but every time we tried to catch him he’d duck and weave and we’d only see him at night time, usually when I’d leave at 2am,” Ms Cameron stated.

“He’d been running across the Bellarine Highway. There was a heap of them, but we’d only seen him recently.

“No one had wanted to help until now.”

Thankfully, the kitten will recover with a foster carer before the search for a new home begins.