Rescue Kitten Rescued Again. This Time, From Home’s Air Ducts! – VIDEO!

OHIO – It was a true “Independence Day” for one wee one North Royalton kitty.

It seems that the little girl got curious and snuck into the wall of a North Royalton home when a cover was inadvertently left off of an air duct vent. And she got stuck in there with all the pipes and duct work. And so, her family decided to call in A-Z Plumbing to see if they could help.

They figured out just where the kitten was inside the wall by using a camera.

As luck would have it, the worker who was dispatched to the rescue happened to be from Texas and was literally an ace with a lasso.

And so, he fashioned a lasso together, dropped it into the wall area and was quickly able to lasso the furry little explorer under her arms and pull her to safety.

You can hear the cries of joy and relief from her family as she’s pulled to safety. And of course, the kitten chimed in for a bit there too.

She was already a rescue cat before this incident – when she was first found by her forever family and then once again, yesterday – right on the 4th of July!