Kitten Scampers Up to Man Meowing for Love While He is Fishing

A man, whose name is Jason, was out fishing by a lake one day when a tiny ball of fur scampered up to him, begging for some attention.

Jason was taken by surprise a bit when the kitten trotted up to him meowing for help. The little fluff ball even tried to climb his bag, when the begging became demanding!

Jason went on to say: “She walked up to me and a friend as we were fishing. She tried to cross a two lane rural highway to the other side of the street where we were.” Later they found another kitten who appeared to be her sibling. They suspected that they had been abandoned by someone. it was thought that they were too young to be separated from the mother. There was no way that they would leave the kittens there, so they scooped them up and headed home.

There’s nothing in the world quite like being ‘chosen’ by a cat!

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