This Cat Meowing in Her Sleep Is *So* Cute and We Just Can’t!

In the latest installation of cats doing totally adorable stuff that puts a smile on our faces while the world goes to hell, we now bring you this video of a cat meowing in its sleep. Unfortunately, the happily sleeping kitty wasn’t wearing one of those high-tech collars that give cats an actual voice, and so, we have absolutely no idea what she’s meowing about, but we figure it’s something like “This is the best dream ever. Come and rub my belly right meow.”

Uploaded on 10 Cats YouTube channel, the clip shows two striped cats in chill mode, including one that looks like it would love nothing more than to get some serious shut-eye, except it can’t because its lounge partner is acting like it drank a bit too much before hitting the sack. So pardon us while we go find a cat to take a nap and cuddle with!

This clip made us very sleepy – in a good way!