People Who Hate Cats Meet Kittens. Their Final Thoughts?

There are people who love cats, but there are many who hate them as well. There are tiny kittens which can steal our heart away, but there are people who have a heart of stone. A few weeks ago, some people were interviewed and asked what makes them hate cats. Many of them answered that cats are scary as they can attack you at any time. Others said that cats have large and powerful paws which they can use to get revenge on you when you’re least expecting it. However, their opinion would change pretty soon.

The participants were presented with a box of cute tiny kittens. As soon as they got out of the box, the opinions of the participants immediately changed. One of them even decided to take back one of the cuties at home!

This experiment shows that people are sometimes unrightfully scared and confused by cats. If you show them that no harm would come to them from the little fur balls, they can change their opinion soon.

Many of these people thought that cats are selfish and mean, but these little balls of fur proved them wrong. Don’t believe what you’ve heard from others – remember that you should give a chance to any animal before you judge it. The participants just couldn’t believe how adorable and charming the kitties were. They just wanted to be cuddled all day long and they didn’t attack any of the participants.

Here’s a video of the experiment: