Kitten smaller than a toothbrush is found with her umbilical cord still attached

An LA resident recently had the surprise of his life when he found a tiny kitten under his home. He was clueless as to how the kitty got there, but it was obvious it was without his mom. Even worse, its umbilical cord was still dangling from its tiny stomach! It was smaller than a toothbrush and the man knew he had to take it to a shelter as soon as possible.

He brought the cat to the Alley Cat Rescue center where vets immediately examined it. The tiny poor soul weighed only 76 gr. and was in need of immediate medical help. The vets gave the kitten the name Pudding and it later caught on.

With the help of the team, Pudding is growing faster than expected and everything seems to be going fine. The picture below was taken when Pudding was brought in – as you can see, it’s smaller than that toothbrush.

The first step to recovery was to feed the kitten. It was a bit of a struggle with the bottle in the beginning, but Pudding eventually got used to the formula. As the team says, they added probiotics to the formula. She certainly loves the food and doubled her weight in just a few days. Right now, Pudding is nothing like the kitty that was brought in to the shelter. The Alley Cat Rescue center is now trying to adopt the cutie. Now weighing 100 gr., Pudding recently found her meow and walks around on its own. Being with a foster mom helps as well, and pretty soon she’ll be a bigger than the toothbrush and this milk bottle.

Way to go, Pudding! Keep fighting!