9 Great Tips To Understanding What Cats Are Trying To Tell You With Their Tails

It’s not always easy and simple to understand what our favorite four-legged friends are thinking. However, their body language can be a great help decoding just what’s going through their heads. With our cats, most of that takes place in their tales.

For professor Carlo Siracusa, who is from the University of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine, it’s imperative to pay attention to not just your pet’s tail but his entire body.

Here are a total of 9 tricks to make sure you never miss a confession from your favorite feline!

1. Tail straight up in the air

Your cat is friendly and is happy to see you!

2. Low and bushy tail

Your fur-baby wants you to know that he’s scared.

3. Straight tail with a slight curve on the end

Your cat is saying hello in a friendly relaxed way!

4. Tail straight and very bushy

This is actually a sign of aggression. Run!

5.Low tail, moving ever-so- lightly

Beware, your cat is getting angry. It would be best to back away.

6. Tail straight but shaking a bit

Once again, your cat is happy to see you!

7. Tail low against his own paws

Your animal is showing that he or she is worried. Try your best to reassure him!

8. Tail literally parallel to the ground

Your furry friend is ‘interested’ in something!

9. Tail curved over to the side

Your furry wants attention and cuddles. so you shouldn’t resist!

via: www.holidogtimes.com