“Tripawd” Ginger Kitten Once on the Brink of Death, Then and Now …

This is the inspirational story of Lefty!

This adorable ginger cat has only three paws but he sure doesn’t let that hold him back from enjoying life! He doesn’t even seem to notice he’s missing that paw and believes himself to be perfect in every way, and we here at The Best Cat Page couldn’t agree more!


“Lefty was born missing his front left leg. He has a little ‘stump’ and a malformed left scapula. He was handed over to his foster mom, Pam, by someone who knew that she was part of the local cat rescue group, The Feline Network of the Central Coast,” Reggie told Amy of Love Meow.

“Lefty was near death due to a mouth Infection which made it impossible for him to suckle.”

“She and her vet worked diligently to get Lefty’s mouth infection cleared and to get him to eat, feeding with a syringe.”

3-min (Pam had her work cut out for her with this one, but Lefty being the brave little fighter that he is, managed to pull through and is thriving today in every way!)

Reggie had been searching for another ginger kitty to pair with Punkin, who was a once feral cat.

“I saw Lefty, fell in Love, and asked who I needed to see in order to take him to his ‘FurEver Home’. His foster mom, Pam. had me literally jump through ‘hoops’ to make sure I was worthy of the Lil Guy!” Reggie told Love Meow.

“I guess the clincher was when I held him and he just quietly lay in my arms.”


 (The best homes are the forever ones!)


“Several years have passed and Lefty is a wonderful fire cracker of a Ginger.”


“His being a ‘Tripawd’ does not stop that Lil Monster. We love him, and his diva sis, Punkin, to bits,” Reggie said.


All any cat needs is a loving human who believes in him!

Photo credits: Reggie