Kittens Abandoned In A Box During Snowstorm Get Rescued In Just a Nick of Time!

OHIO – Right during a freezing cold snowstorm, a woman discovered a cardboard box lying on the side of the road.

The box contained four kittens!

It’s difficult to imagine someone being so cruel as to abandon these wee ones and especially during such horrible weather (the temperatures were all the way down in the teens!).

Thankfully they were found before any permanent damage was done.

The woman who found the kittens immediately called the police for help, and they turned to the caring folks at the
Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL).

“Thankfully – we had no idea how long they had been outside – their eyes were a little runny, maybe from the cold, but they checked out okay,” stated Sharon Harvey, who is the President and CEO of the APL, in an exclusive story by KFSM News.

The kittens are approximately six weeks old and have since been named after characters from the classic movie, The Sandlot : Smalls, Squints, Repeat and Benny.

They are currently being cared for by a foster family until they are big and strong enough to be adopted.

The APL is urging anyone who may have information regarding these kittens’ abandonment to call the investigation hotline: (216) 377 – 1630.

What an amazing rescue!

(h/t: KFSM)