Meet D-O-G — The Amazing Cat Who Trains Service Dogs For The Disabled

It’s hard to pass through life if you don’t have a purpose. In fact, we all need some kind of direction in our lives, and this kitty learned that from a young age. D-O-G the kitten is actually working for the Support Dogs Inc. in Missouri as a trainer of dogs. How’s that for a job?

Besides taking its job seriously, D-O-G loves doing it.

The dogs are trained for special situations, and the kitty certainly tests them to the limits.

Ann Klein, CEO of Support Dogs Inc., says that everyone was surprised at how good the kitten is in training the dogs. “Our dogs need to be obedient and well-trained, and the kitty helps a lot,” she says.

Nadine Wenig, director of services says that D-O-G is fearless despite the smaller size, and doesn’t fear being around big dogs. He plays with them often, and the organization follows their behavior closely.

The kitten is mischievous and loved by everyone for his fearlessness and social nature.

The kitten deserves much respect for fulfilling his duties with care and diligence. Check out the video below to see him in action: