Kittens’ Legs Overcome Severe Crookedness for a Remarkable Transformation

Six baby kittens named Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot, Chianti, Burgundy, and Malbec – were rescued by the Los Angeles-based organization Kitten Rescue from East Valley Shelter when they were just about three weeks old. Very soon after their arrival, it quickly became clear that there was something strange about the sweet siblings – their carers noticed that their little legs were growing differently.

Once the team there saw firsthand hat the kittens’ legs were growing in crooked and bent at odd angles, they immediately sent them over to a trusty bone and joint specialists at ACCESS in Culver City.

The kittens were sadly diagnosed with carpal laxity syndrome – which is a disorder which happens more often in puppies and the causes of which are not clear.

In order to help their little legs grow properly, each of the kitties was indeed provided with a pair of small casts.

“We secretly think they look extra adorable with their tiny casts… but we still want them to get taken off ASAP!” the rescuers went on to write.

Carpal laxity syndrome is, at best, assumed to be the effect of an imbalance in growth rates between the bones and tendons of the front limbs.

“Each kitten in this litter is exceptionally sweet and affectionate, and we want to make sure they’re given a chance to grow up healthy, happy, and strong,” the dedicated team went on to write about the babies on their Facebook page.

However, because of their condition, these little furries are also going to need frequent check-ups in the near future and some extra care.

If you wish, you can donate towards the kittens’ medical care to make their legs healthy and strong through the rescue’s website.

And in order to learn more about Kitten Rescue, click here.Source