Mom Pleads Guilty for Her Role in Stabbing Death of Daughter’s Cat!

ILLINOIS – A Chicago woman pleaded guilty on Tuesday to animal cruelty for participating in the stabbing of her daughter’s cat, confirms DuPage County authorities.

Kelly D. Palermo, who is 51, of the 5900 block of North Ozanam Avenue, has agreed to enter a guilty plea to a felony count of aggravated animal cruelty. The partial plea agreement came on the same day Palermo had been scheduled to stand trial on this particular charge, which stemmed from a June 10, 2015, incident at her daughter’s residence in Elmhurst.

According to what police reports say, Palermo had become angry with the cat, whose name Zepplin. She allegedly held the animal tightly while her daughter, Samantha Palermo, 22, stabbed it several times with a knife, police stated.

A 14-year-old relative allegedly pulled the cat away and immediately called 911. However, Palermo regained control of the animal and once again held it down while Samantha Palermo allegedly stabbed it again, police confirmed.

The partial plea agreement did not contain an agreement on the sentence. Palermo is scheduled to be back in court before Judge Robert Miller on Sept. 12, and a sentencing date will likely be set at that time. This cruelty charge carries a one- to three-year prison sentence, although probation may also be an option.

Samantha Palermo, who also is facing animal cruelty charges,will be back in court Aug. 3.

Note: The cat featured in the photo is NOT the cat who was killed.