Kittens Dumped in Ditch Found ‘Wet and Freezing’

WALES – A litter of “freezing and wet” kittens were recently discovered dumped in a ditch in Flintshire .

The ginger felines were found in Buckley by a member of the public who informed the RSPCA .

Fortunately, the cats were taken to a vet for treatment and received a bit of urgent care which, in the end, saved their lives.

A post on Facebook about the kittens has been shared more than 100 times in less than one hour’s time.

It reads: “Dumped in a lane in Buckley down a deep ditch freezing and wet they could have drowned thankfully someone found them and now they are getting cared for.

“If they are yours you should be ashamed of yourself!!!”

The kittens (left) were reported to the RSPCA

The kittens (left) were reported to the RSPCA


An RSPCA spokesman stated: “The abandoned kittens found in Buckley were reported to the RSPCA and were taken to a local independent veterinarian for treatment.

‘We are very grateful to the member of the public who called us and ensured they received urgent care.

“Last year in Wales, the RSPCA rescued and collected 7,589 animals, and out of these, 540 of the animals rescued were due to abandonment.

“Sadly many abandoned animals that are rescued by the RSPCA are very badly neglected and poorly so need urgent vet care.

“One reason for abandonments that can be easily resolved is the number of young animals that come into our care after unplanned pregnancies resulting in unwanted litters. RSPCA Cymru is working with Cats Protection to offer a Wales cat neutering and microchipping project which aims to encourage cat owners to neuter and microchip their pets.”