Labrador Gets Rescue Honor After Saving Cat from Slow, Painful Death!

UNITED KINGDOM – A wonderful labrador has recently become an honorary RSPCA rescuer after he saved a sick cat from a long and lingering death.

Milo, who is the canine hero, sniffed out the feline after she hid in the long grass in a Tamworth field.

Sadly, the cat had to be put down, but RSPCA inspector Kate Levesley, explained the animal would have suffered much more if it wasn’t for the actions of Milo and his owner John Williams.

John and 20-month-old Milo were out for a walk when they spotted the poorly cat in the undergrowth of a field in Main Road, in Wigginton.

John immediately contacted the RSPCA, and kept checking on it while he was waiting.

But when inspector Kate Levesley arrived on the scene, the cat had moved.

John stated: “The cat had been under a tree when I last saw her, but when I led Kate over to the tree she wasn’t there.

“The grass in the field was three-feet tall so there was no way we were going to find her easily.

“We started to look but we were having no success, and that’s when I thought, how about letting Milo find her? Dogs are known to have good scent.

“So I took Milo off his lead and almost straight away he ran to an area in the long grass ahead of us and started barking – he had found her. We were impressed.

“There was no way we would have found the cat without Milo.”

Rescuer... Milo helped the RSPCA to find a sick cat, believed to be a stray, after it was spotted in a Tamworth field.

Rescuer… Milo helped the RSPCA to find a sick cat, believed to be a stray, after it was spotted in a Tamworth field.


The cat, who was believed to be stray, had been suffering from a large tumour and was immediately taken to a vet, where she was given some pain relief. Unfortunately, she was put to sleep later that day on veterinary advice to prevent further suffering.

Inspector Levesley went on to say: “Sadly the cat did not make it, but Milo’s quick actions meant that the cat did not need to suffer any more than she did.

“It would have been a long, lingering death for her had she been left in the long grass, open to the elements.

“Both John and I were so impressed with our honorary RSPCA rescuer Milo.”