Meet Princess Aurora the Pampered Cat with 87,000 Instagram Followers!

SWEDEN – It’s normally celebrities that induce wardrobe envy, but with her crystal tiaras, flower headdresses and sparkling tutus, Princess Aurora the cat is a very strong contender.

The blue-eyed bicolour ragdoll, who lives in Sweden, is not only a bona fide model, she has 87,000 Instagram followers and spends her days being pampered.

The self-styled ‘world’s most royal and beautiful cat’ also has quite that devoted fan base, takes part in lucrative product endorsements and has people creating fan art of her.

Just this week, the rising star shared her very first commercial on social media, a 30-second ad for Swedish company Kattbox.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, her adoring owners, Emily and Niklas, revealed that the feline can be something of a diva.

They explained to BoredPanda that: ‘Cats are known for being the rulers of the house and Aurora takes that to the next level.

‘She knows she is beautiful, at least that’s what her manners imply. It’s her way or no way basically.’

So what does this Princess do all day?

‘She enjoys doing what most royalties do: Eat, sleep and being pampered,’ they stated.

Aurora apparently loves nothing more than striking a pose for the camera and modelling the latest fashions and even has a special friend called Prince Phillip.

The blue colorpoint ragdoll is nicknamed ‘Philly’ and fans refer to him as their ‘handsome fluff monster’.

A recent shot of her modelling a bow tie racked up 4,100 likes and when she posed in a diamanté tiara, followers called her ‘lovely’, ‘gorgeous’ and ‘beautiful’ – with one writing: ‘I feel intimidated by this cat. why is it so pretty?’

Speaking of their beloved feline, Emily and Niklas went on to add: ‘Aurora is a very smart and loveable kitty.

‘We joke around a lot in our posts about how she sees her humans as servants but in reality, she gives us the same love a dog does, which can be rare for a cat.’