Latest Kitty Craze – But Who Could Eat Them?

If you love cats, you might wish everything you ate looked like them? If that’s the case, well then, here’s just the thing for you!

Felissimo – the Japanese company behind the spray that makes all your possessions smell like a cat’s forehead – now bring us a new way to indulge to indulge our cat obsession: tiny marshmallows designed to look like cats.


Each marshmallow is painted to look like a different color cat, each with the same classic cat expression of judgement and hatred.

These marshmallows have cattitude!

The marshmallows have that perfectly squishy finish and are filled with chocolate.


So, is your mouth watering yet?

You can buy a box of twelve for around $20 (plus international postage, but who’s going to complain?

We do recommend giving your cat-mallows a little bath in a cup of hot chocolate or to eat them with a nice, cold glass … of “meowlk.”

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