Russian Woman Found Living with 130 Cats in Her Flat

A woman from Moscow recently was recently found to keep 130 (!!!) cats in her flat. This is a number that puts hoarders to shame and it’s as clear a case of animal cruelty as it gets, no matter her good intentions.

Recently divorced, the woman took a pregnant stray cat in a few years ago. That’s how it started. She didn’t have the heart to throw the babies out, and over time, things got worse. Cat after cat were pregnant all the time, and she ended up with 130 cats in her home. Living in a flat, the stench became unbearable so her neighbors called an animal welfare organization. Everyone knew that the problem was bad, but not 130-cats bad.

Russian Woman Found Living with 130 Cats in Her Flat 1

Surprisingly, the volunteers found the cats starving but very playable. They weren’t angry or feral, but they weren’t in their best condition as well.

Some of the volunteers in the organization said that there were too many cats in such a tiny space. They took them all back to the welfare center and have already set up a fund to re-home the cats. It’ll surely take months, but 50 have already been re-homed thanks to social media.

We truly hope that the remaining 80 will find a loving home as well.