Cute Cat Mumbling To Himself When He Sees Birds On The Patio!

We’re sure that bird-watching can be frustrating – especially if you’re a cat.

An internet video showing a cat apparently mumbling to itself while looking for birds through a window has gone absolutely viral on Monday.

The clip has already generated over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

A person can only wonder what the cat is saying.

Whatever he is thinking, this cat certainly looks to be quite animated as it peers out the window.

While cats aren’t considered to be terribly communicative animals, that doesn’t mean they don’t communicate, according to an expert.

Sharon Crowell-Davis, who is a professor of veterinary behavior at the University of Georgia, explained to New York Magazine that cats are just as expressive as dogs.
It’s just that it is much more difficult to decipher their cues and it is up to us humans to look for them.

Although cats often give off the impression of being somehwat aloof, they are actually capable of making facial expressions, Crowell-Davis states.

‘You’ll see when they’re stressed or when they’re pained the facial muscles are tensed, and when they’re happy or relaxed, their facial muscles are relaxed,’ she concluded.

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