The Vet Wanted To Euthanize This Cat But His Amazing Recovery Shocked Everyone

Cats are truly amazing. They can do things you don’t expect when you least expect them. Even when all hope is seemingly loss, cats don’t think like that. They can stare in the face of death and still overcome tough odds.

This is the case with the kitty you see below. As the pictures show, it was in bad shape. The cat was suffering from a nasty infection that has spread all the way up to his face, being covered in patches of dried blood.

Additionally, the kitty’s jaw was broken, so it couldn’t eat properly. It was clear that the kitty was in a world of pain and even wets didn’t think it would survive the night. They recommended euthanasia, but the man who brought the kitty to the vet refused to do it. He thought that the kitten was a fighter that will survive and fortunately, he was right.

Despite the broken jaw, the kitty ate all the food the rescuer gave him. With a lot of love and care over the next few weeks, the kitty eventually recovered. It was a true miracle as no one gave it chances to live through the night.

After a couple of weeks, the man took the kitty to the vet again and he was shocked by the transformation.

He was recovering at a fast rate. He ate a lot for a cat with a broken jaw and the infection started retreating. The kitty no longer needed surgery or special care to the man’s delight.

Of course, the road to full recovery is long, but vets are now optimistic about the kitty’s chances. Considering the fact that he lives in a loving home and has a lot of support, we think that he’ll have a long and pretty life.