Lost Cat Molly Clung to a Moving Car for Four Miles at 40mph Before …

UNITED KINGDOM – An extremely brave cat has made the most its nine lives after it fell from a moving car onto a dual carriageway after clinging on tightly for four miles – and has finally been reunited with its owners.

Molly the cat went missing and her worried owners had absolutely no idea a motorist had captured a video of her tumbling from underneath a red car traveling at 40mph.

He went ahead and posted the dashcam footage on Facebook and kind-hearted stranger Julie Dawson went out to look for the pet.

She found Molly frightened and cowering in a nearby undergrowth and her microchip identified Sarah Blazey, who is 26, as her owner.

The pair was reunited just one day after Molly had apparently crawled under a neighbor’s car, and the cat is now recovering at home in St Judes, Plymouth.

Dockyard worker Sarah stated: ‘It would have been bin day so she probably got scared and tried hiding under the car.

‘Apparently, Julie told me, there’s a place under the car that cats hide because it’s warm.

‘At least she hadn’t come off on the A38 and it was so lucky that the gentleman caught her on camera otherwise we might have never found her.

‘They said that a video of her was all over Facebook – but I had no idea.

‘I am so thankful to Julie, as soon as I saw her I wrapped my arms around her.’

Sarah and her partner Phil first moved to their new home just before Christmas, so when Molly didn’t return home they thought she might be lost.

Completely unbeknown to them, the stricken pet was captured on a dashcam falling from the underneath of a red Suzuki Swift on Sunday morning four whole miles away from home.

It was posted online and by Monday evening the petrified cat was discovered by Julie, a volunteer from Plymouth Pet Scanners.

She stated: ‘I parked up in the first lay-by around 10 pm to look in the wooded area.

‘I shook my bag of biscuits and shone my torch hoping to see reflective eyes looking back at me or, even worse, a badly-injured cat.

‘I walked across through the trees calling and shaking the biscuits. Then I heard meowing but couldn’t see where so I kept calling when she appeared on a wall crying.

‘She was scared and wouldn’t come at first so I kept talking to her and giving her a few biscuits until she got closer for me to chip scan her.’

It is believed Molly had been hiding underneath the car when it set off and fell off later because the owners recognize the car from the streets surrounding their home.

Sarah went on to say that Molly was ‘extremely lucky’ to be home safe and added: ‘We might have children eventually but at the moment, Molly is our baby.’

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