Man Adopts Tiny, Motherless Kitten He Finds at a Warehouse

A kind man finds a stray kitten hiding in a cardboard box in a warehouse and simply decides to adopt her and take her home!

“My boyfriend was helping a friend grab a sign from a giant warehouse when he heard a tiny cry. He followed that sound to a cardboard box with this tiny baby in it,” GretchenEllenberg said. “It was hidden behind some metal. It was a tall box with glass at the bottom.”

They believe the mama cat simply decided to abandon her baby right there.

“Once they finished their work he scooped her up. Since she was so tiny I named her Baby Kitty. She sometimes goes by Baboojz.”

At first she needed to be fed every 3 hours, as is standard with all kittens who are forced to live without a cat mom.

They already had a cat at home but it worked out well. The cat they had was older and took the wee one in as a little sister and today, the two of them they are very close and happy together indeed.

As close as the two cats might be, when her human is home, Baby Kitty spends most of her time with him.

After all, he is not only Baby Kitty’s cat daddy, he is also her hero!