These Rare Felines May Have You Crying Wolf – WEREWOLF!

Werewolves are truly fantastic creatures with the ability to shapeshift between a human form and a wolf form. The idea of werewolves has been the subject of folklore and mythology for literally hundreds of years and has even been celebrated in the popular culture of today – as any die-hard Twilight fan can attest to.

However, what may surprise you about werewolves more than anything is that they are not exclusively associated with man-wolf beasts. In fact, there are some cats with rare genetic traits that have earned them the moniker of “werewolf.”

Of course, they aren’t actually werewolves!

These cats, which are called Lykoi cats, are ordinary domestic shorthairs with an extraordinary appearance due to a natural genetic mutation.

These cute wolf-like kitties are actually perfectly healthy—their mutation is merely skin deep. It gives them their thin hair which can occasionally molt, leaving them nearly hairless at times, and a lack of fur around their eyes, nose, underbelly, and paws, according to the Mother Nature Network.

They may appear a little more scruffy than your average cat and perhaps a bit more menacing, but rest assured, these cute critters are definitely sheep in wolves’ clothing.

Even in a werecat pack, these kitties are far from fearsome.

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