Man Convicted for Killing Cat Gets Probation Revoked! – VIDEO!

OREGON – A man’s 3 year probation sentence for killing his neighbor’s cat has recently been lengthened with a 4-year prison sentence Tuesday morning.

Stacey Fey explained that she discovered Tim Bigelow on her property when she was walking over to her other neighbor’s house to ask for a ride to work back on March 15. She claims he took her cat and drove away. He returned later on without the cat.

Springfield police went on to say Bigelow admitted to killing the cat at Dorris Ranch.

“He was very honest about it. He said that he was tired of the cat chasing his chickens and so that’s why he killed it,” stated Sergeant Charbonneau with Springfield Police Department.

Jeri Baxter, who is a neighbor, stated that she found the cat three days later off of a cliff near South 2nd Street, between Dorris Ranch and South E Street. Officials explained that the violence stems from claims that the cat killed Bigelow’s chickens.

According to one neighbor who didn’t wish to be identified, Bigelow has lived on D Street in Springfield since he was a little boy. He said there’s more to Bigelow than people can see from the outside.

“Something happened. This person didn’t…wasn’t born this way…with a mental defect. Paranoia, schizophrenia are development.” He explained Bigelow lost his mother a month ago.

Another neighbor who claims he sometimes interacted with Bigelow the most said he is a good person.

“I’m sad because what’s happening to him. It’s not fair,” stated Jeremy Gunn. “He was just trying to protect his animals.”

Other neighbors have said that he is an aggressive person who yells, swears, and write offensive messages outside of his home.

“We feel a sense of relief and we feel safe in our house again. But we’re also disappointed that he didn’t take any responsibility for his actions. In fact, he wrote an 11-page letter to the court portraying himself as the victim in this situation,” stated Fey.

Prosecutors are saying that Bigelow began serving a 3 year probation for aggravated animal abuse back on May 12. When a probation officer searched his house four weeks later on June 10th, a handgun was found.

Bigelow is a convicted felon and because of that, is not allowed to possess any firearms.

Bigelow has pleaded guilty for illegal possession of a handgun. His probation has been revoked and he was sentenced to 45 months in prison.