This Man Created A Safe Haven For Stray Cats When Everyone Else Treated Them Like Vermin

Muslihudin Sharbinie, who is known simply as Uli, lives near Bogor, Indonesia. He is a married man and the father of five children.

This incredible man works three jobs to pay for food for his family, but also to pay for the care of a ‘second family’: the stray cats of his village, reported The Dodo.

There are so many stray and feral cats wandering the streets, that they’re almost treated as vermin by locals.

Some of the villagers have even used to poison or kill the cats in an effort to get rid of them, but thanks to Uli and his “angels,” all of that has begun to change.

Uli has been feeding and caring for all of their minor injuries with natural remedies the best he could for as long as he can remember. His grandparents had always been extremely kind to the stray cats in the area, and they passed down their love to him.

Uli said to The Dodo, “There is no one else here in my area to help them. Their lives depend on us. They don’t have any choice. But we do”.

With the heavy financial stress of caring for his human family, the good Samaritan could only do so much.

However, one fateful day in 2014, Kristen Connelly, from Oxnard, California, stumbled across his Facebook profile, which clearly showed his love for the cats.

She immediately sent him a friend request and asked how she might be able to help. He explained that he needed money to build them a shelter and get them proper medical care.
Thus, Uli’s angels were born.

Connelly went ahead and contacted other animal lovers and they built him a GoFundMe page.

They had soon raised just enough money to get the cats in the neighborhood spayed and neutered.

Connelly stated to The Dodo: “When he started realizing we were helping him — that he didn’t have to turn them away anymore or just drop off a piece of fish and some rice in one of the local markets — we encouraged him to bring them home”.

Uli used the money for building a shelter from scratch. He also scavenged for material and lumber to create a feline paradise.

Today, with the help of the money contributed by people all over the world, he is now able to take kittens to the vet who need help and feed all of the animals who come to him.

He has also begun educating the people of his village, teaching them to love and care for the cats as well.

The neighbors around there are no longer literally dumping cats in the dump yards and at the schools. Instead, they are bringing them to him.

“Uli has inspired countless people to care for animals just as he does, saving so many lives”.

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