Man Hears Frantic Meows – and Soon Discovers ….

We have all been there at one point or another, you hear a noise and you know it’s an animal, but you’re not quite sure if they’re hurt or crying.

When you hear an animal crying, either in your backyard or on the side of some road, you always want to remember to approach with caution. If they might be injured, you don’t want to scare them even more by coming at them too fast.

One kitten, whose name is Hetty, was frantically meowing from her spot, lying abandoned on the side of the road. Thankfully, her loud cries did not go unheard

A man whose name is Peter heard her and found her stuck there, so fatigued and malnourished that she couldn’t even manage to get up to move. Fortunately, those loud kitten pipes worked, and she was indeed able to cry out for help.

Peter gave her some water to drink and did his best to comfort her. She then did what all happy kittens do: she began to purr! She might have been covered in dirt and emaciated, but she was happy to have a new friend.

Peter took her over to a vet to get checked out, and luckily she was okay to go home with him.

He decided to name her Hetty and gave her all the love this lonely little kitten could ever want.

After getting some tender love and care, Hetty doesn’t look like some crazy, little street cat anymore!

Today, by looking at her, you would never even know she had a tough background. You can clearly see her incredible transformation in the video below!

[H/T: Love Meow] / Video Source