Herman the Cat With Enormous Eyes Becomes Internet Star!

DENMARK – Forget Grumpy Cat because now, there’s a new social media star in town.

Herman, who is an exotic shorthair, might just be the ultimate scardey-cat due to his permanently startled expression.

He was born naturally with exceptionally big eyes, so big that he cannot completely close his eyelids – even when he’s sleeping.


This five-month-old kitten, who lives with his owner all the way out in Copenhagen, Denmark, has thousands of followers on social media.

His 26-year-old owner, whose name is Shirley, explained: “The first time I met Herman, he was instantly jumping up on me and decided to sit on my shoulder purring. The choice was easy for me.

“Even though he was significantly smaller and had that peculiar look, I decided that I had to make sure that he and I would have a fantastic time together.”


She went on to say: “Herman is always following me from room to room.

“There is literally no privacy left since I got Herman – whether I am sleeping, cooking dinner or even going to the bathroom, Herman is always around.

“You are never in doubt when Herman is not getting enough attention. He will either start meowing or tap me lightly with his paws.”


Herman had to be initially hand fed after he struggled to put on weight in his first few weeks and as a result is extremely comfortable around humans, his owner added.

“He is both a special cat due to his peculiarly big eyes giving him a funny but sweet look and due to his loving nature,” she went on to explain.

“Whether the loving personality is stemming from his extensive human contact as a baby kitten is hard to tell.

“Nevertheless, he always wants to know what is happening around him, making sure he observes everything with his big radar eyes.”