When One Man Found a Freezing and Lonely Cat, He Knew What He Should Do

Sylvester the cat has had a rough life. The cat lived his whole life under the stairs at a house in Ontario, where the winters can get pretty rough. Besides the freezing weather, Sylvester was almost constantly covered in fleas and sores and he had a serious case of ear mites as well.

One day, a rescuer from Refuge RR heard about the cat and decided to see him. “He was in bad shape,” Rob Boisvert says. However, when he got closer, he saw a note that said: “Leave cat there. Cat there for a reason. Thank you.”

Rob was taken aback by this, but he eventually learned that Sylvester was there to run down the rats in the house. In that shape, however, the cat was useless. With no heat in the hallway and lack of food and water, Sylvester was in dire need of help.

Rob wrapped Sylvester in a blanket and took him to a cat sanctuary. He says the cat didn’t even try to get out – that’s how cold it was!

Fortunately, the staff at the sanctuary helped the cat back to health. Sylvester was soon looking much better and literally came back to life.

After a while, the sanctuary posted a picture of Sylvester on their Facebook page and Sylvester’s story was heard. The cat even started receiving fan mail and cat nip toys which he loved.

After 2 months, Sylvester was ready to be adopted.

The cat had a rough life, but with a little bit of love from Rob, he got his life back.