Man & kitten inseparable after rescue!

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – The equation goes as follows: A stray cat, a parked truck and a road trip.

Put them all together and you’ve got a dangerous combination.

In this case, a very close call ended with a new home for a kitten.

David Pilgrim stated when he started his truck on Monday in California, he thought he heard something strange.

“I told my wife about it and she thought I was crazy because she didn’t hear it,” stated Pilgrim.

They just kept driving and were about to get on the freeway for a 70-mile trip when he heard it once again.

“When I heard it the second time, yes, yes, I knew absolutely there was something there,” stated Pilgrim.

They stopped at a Valvoline. That’s where a helpful employee checked under their hood – and there she was!

“It was crazy when I first saw her underneath there running around because it was hot. I couldn’t get to her because she was by the exhaust,” stated Pilgrim.

She was in excellent health – just very thirsty.

The family has now officially adopted her and named her Valvoline, or Val for short.

After just a few days in her new forever home, she rarely wants to leave her rescuer’s side.

“I think she knows that she’s safe, she found a comfortable place to be instead of underneath the car in the heat,” stated Pilgrim.