Man Loves Cats and Helps Them Everywhere He Goes!

Cat daddies rule and the man this story is about is no exception. As a matter of fact, more and more men should be molded after this guy!

This is the story of Angelo Varriano, who has such a soft spot for cats, he helps kittens and cats in need wherever he goes!

He says they are his best friends!


“I love cats. And I have 14 (yes, that is right, 14 :)) living with me,” Angelo Varriano told Love Meow. “All of them were stray, which I rescued from the streets. I always try to find new homes for them, but it’s kind of difficult here in Brazil to find real good ‘parents’ for them.”

Varriano currently cares for all the cats he saved and whenever he travels to a new area, he goes out of his way to find cats who just might be in need of some help. He claims it his his favorite part of each and every trip he takes!

“I love traveling and cats, so I always look for them in my trips,” he told Amy of Love Meow.


We here at The Best Cat Page believe all the world needs now, is a million or so more cat daddies just like Angelo!