Animal League Groups Transfer Adoptable Cats and Dogs to No-Kill Shelters

PRINCETON, WEST VIRGINIA – Officials filled a huge van with cats and dogs to be sent to no-kill rescues up north Friday afternoon.


Southern West Virginia Animal League Board member Kim Reed helped with the transfer. “They’re going to rescues up there that are no kill,” Reed said. “Once their with us they’re safe. Then we are able to re-home them and get them in a location where they can be re-homed and not have to worry about being put down.”

According to Reed, once a month, the league attempts to send animals to new locations. “Once a month we try to go through and have a trip to get our foster animals out of here,” Reed said. “So basically once animals come into our care whether it be they’ve been rescued, someone surrendered them, they come into our care and they go into the fosters home. It’s all volunteer based. The fosters will take care of those animals and SWVAL provides all the vetting and all that for them.”

Reed said that weather permitting, the group tries to conduct one trip each and every month. “Where we send out some cats and dogs up to the two locations to the rescues,” Reed said. “And then once they get up there they’re adopted fairly quick. Adoption rates are a little bit higher than they are up here.”

The cats are traveling to Massachusetts and the dogs are going to the Vermont.

“We have seven dogs and 24 cats,” Reed said. “We had the one boxer, we have Mozart the German shepherd. He’s going in the big crate. He was found with a logging chain stuck in his neck. We had to take him and put him with a foster, but we had to have some surgeries done on him to get him better. So he’s going to a full time adopted home when he gets up there, probably.”

Reed said that residents may donate to their projects by checking them out on Facebook by looking up the Southern WV Animal League.

“We always promote it from month to month to try to get additional funds to help us on travel and care for the animals,” Reed said.