Couple Finds an Ingenious Way to Fool their Super-Clingy Cat

Cats, as all cat owners know, can be super-clingy. Up to the point of boring, in fact. Just ask Rebecca May and her husband. They adopted a pet cat called Ziggy 3 years ago from a local London shelter. Ziggy was super-shy in the beginning, but later showed her true face. She has bonded with her ‘parents’ in an intense way, clinging to their laps all day long.

Even if a lap is not available, Ziggy will find a way to cling to her favorite people. “She’ll sit on your back or arm or shoulder. She just has to be ‘attached’ to you in some way,” Rebecca said.

Of course, this can be problematic when you’re working from home. In order to fix things, Rebecca came up with a brilliant idea – a fake lap! That’s right – the couple has invented a fake lap from a pair of lounge pants and the cat has no idea.

As soon as they’ve put their ‘creation’ on the sofa, Ziggy jumped on it immediately. The decoy worked and now everyone’s happy. Of course, a fake lap isn’t a replacement for the real thing, but it’s more than enough to get Rebecca and her husband through a work day.