Man Opens His Shop For Stray Cats So That They Can Be Safe During Snowstorm!

TURKEY – A man opened up his entire shop to stray cats during the worst snowstorm so they can be safe.

Selcuk Bayal and a few other volunteers has been looking after local stray cats when the temperatures dropped very low and brought them inside his shop.

He takes excellent care of them “When it gets cold, they take refuge inside… We are the only shop in the area,” Bayal stated.

People seemed to appreciate his kind gesture but not everyone shares the same sentiment.

And so, Bayal put up a sign for shoppers who may not agree with keeping the cats in his shop.

“Those who are uncomfortable with the kitties do not shop here.”

Bayal is relieved to see that the kitties are safe.

Some people believe these animals are cold tolerant. “These animals are never cold tolerant. If they can not find water, they die,” Bayla noted.

The cats sure do love to stay close the heater.

The kitties are so happy and excited to have a warm place to stay and a lot of food.

What a great man!

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