Everyone Gave Up On This Cat Except for One Woman

A very kind-hearted woman decided to save this three-month-old kitten and offer him a second chance to life!

This is the story of Titus the one-eyed cat!

When he was first rescued, Titus weighted just 14 ounces had a protruding eye. He was also suffering from a respiratory infection and was malnourished.

He was scheduled to be euthanized. Fortunately for Titus, Holly Wise from Union, South Carolina decided to start a fund-raising campaign to cover his medical bills.

She just knew that his bad eye needed to be surgically removed.

Paws Up Rescue and Resources, aka PURR, found him a foster home to recover at following the delicate surgery.

As you can clearly see, Titus made a full and amazing recovery!

“He now eats all that his little heart desire and is a healthy weight! If you spend time with him when he is in a quiet area, he climbs and rubs all over you.”

“He meows at and circles my feet when I get up to go to another room because he doesn’t want me to leave! He has an infectious purr hat starts up immediately after he gets in our laps,” Kaitlyn stated.

“He loves to self play and to play with his (coincidentally also one-eyed) foster sister, Maggie.”

Maggie is another one-eyed cat ho absolutely adores Titus!

“Titus and Maggie play so well together and they could tumble around together for hours and be content.”

If you are interested in adopting Titus, send a message to PURR on Facebook!

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