Man Proves that All Cats Are Secretly German

Unlike dogs, cats can’t follow commands. Or at least they don’t want to – it’s not in their nature to be bossed around. However, when you go ‘ps-ps-ps’ it surely catches their attention. At that point, cats will decide to come to you or blank you – the latter happens quite often.

However, a TikTok user has found a failsafe that will always get cats to you. Surprisingly, he used German-sounding words (or an amalgam) that can turn a cat’s attention. It seems to be confirming what many suspected all along – that all cats are secretly German.

The man videoed himself calling cats in 6 different languages and posted the results on TikTok. He tried Argentinian, English, and a few other languages to no avail until he called the cats in German – that’s what got their attention.

While we’re not sure that ‘Stardenburdenhardenbart!’ is a German word, it certainly turned heads. That TikTok went viral, with people commenting that their cats looked at the screen when they heard the word too. We’re not sure why they respond to it. It’s either ear-catching or cats are secretly German.


German ALWAYS works!!!😸😸😂😂 #catsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #cat #stardenburdenhardenbart

♬ оригинальный звук – Dennis loves cats

We’re almost 100% sure it’s the latter.