Hero Cat Alerts Sleeping Family To Burning Slow Cooker

Who says that only dogs can save people? Cats are rarely mentioned as saviors, but our views on them may change after the latest news. A Canadian man recently thanked his cat publicly after his furry pet saved the whole family by waking them up while a slow cooker was on fire in the kitchen.

Scott White from Portugal Cove-St. Phillip, says that the cat woke him up on Sunday after noticing that the slow cooker was on fire. Around midnight, Scott set some onions in it to make jam in the morning. However, around 4:30 AM, Scott’s cat Joey came onto the bed and paced on it restlessly. Scott woke up with a paw in his face and knew something was wrong.

Hero Cat Alerts Sleeping Family To Burning Slow Cooker

He got up and saw smoke coming from the kitchen. The slow cooker was on fire, yet the smoke wasn’t enough to raise the alarm which was 20 feet away. After dealing with the situation, Scott and his wife awarded Joey with extra treats. That’s been happening every day since, and Joey doesn’t mind.

Surprisingly, Scott’s 10-month-old puppy didn’t even wake up at the time. This time, it was the cat who saved them all. A round of applause for this hero, please.

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