The Cutest Pics of a Baby Girl with Her Pets

Isn’t this the cutest thing you saw today? As parents, we’re always hoping that our children would get along greatly with our pets. For most parents, things are going great, but not as great as this. The girls you see in these pics is only three years old and already making great friends with the family’s pets.

So much so that the three of them nap together, and luckily, the girl’s parents were there to capture the moment on camera. The little girl comes from the Chinese Heilongjiang province. She lives with her parents and the cute retriever Dabao and even cuter cat Motor. All these cuties doze off together all the time and have plenty of fun during the day.

The parents noticed this several times and decided to post the pics online. As expected, the pics went viral, and how could they not go viral with that dose of cuteness?