Man Rescues 2 Kittens Dumped and Left to Drown on Bridge!

Two kittens reportedly thrown from a car, dumped, and left to drown on Maybank Bridge are recovering tonight.

Pet Helper sent the following release on Friday afternoon:

“Two kittens found on Maybank Bridge with injuries consistent with an impact of being thrown from a car were found this past week. Officially named the Paul J. Gelegotis Bridge, this bridge and viaduct carries the Maybank Highway over Stono River with the highest point being 65 feet above ground. This merciless act was intentional as both kittens were found on the highest point, 65 foot drop. The intent was not to just dump, it was to drown.

On Tuesday, May 31, William McKenzie found a scared, helpless kitten on Maybank Bridge. The male tabby, estimated to be between 5-6 weeks old was covered in sand and debris and had a laceration beneath its nose, allegedly from being tossed out of a car. On Thursday, June 2, just two days later, Wayne Clark was merely walking the bridge for exercise and once he reached the highest point to take in a scenic view, he noticed something curled up in a ball. Upon approaching, it was a bloody, dirty kitten which he presumed to be dead. After a second glance, Clark saw slight movement. Although the kitten was in bad shape, he was able to safely bring her to Pet Helpers for immediate care.



The brown female tabby suffered a blunt impact that caused the right canine to puncture her upper lip resulting in a portion of her lip to detach. Due to the severity of facial wounds on the female tabby, Dr. Meredith Slocum was called in for an immediate assessment. Dr. Slocum sedated the female kitten and started the exam. Slocum cleaned the tissue and sutured the detached lip. Slocum personally brought her home to monitor her every breath. Slocum states, “I took her home because I sedated her late in the day and she was scared and in pain. I wanted to make sure she was progressing and not left alone after such a traumatic afternoon.


This is the second kitten with injuries within just days of each other found on Maybank Bridge is not a coincidence. This location is clearly not where a small kitten could ‘walk’ to accidentally. This act of animal cruelty must stop. Pet Helpers has contacted the Charleston County’s Sheriff’s Department and reported animal abuse. Additionally, Pet Helpers is offering a minimum of $1,000 cash reward for any information concerning the dumping of these kitties that would lead to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for this inhumane and barbaric act.


Unfortunately, cases like “Javelin” and “Maybank,” the kittens’ new names, happen far too often without the happy ending. Carol Linville, Founder and President of Pet Helpers stated, “we take this situation very seriously, and we will press charges and prosecute to get the maximum penalty for animal cruelty. I’ve been fighting for over forty years against this and we will not stop until we’ve won the fight.” Linville goes on to say, “It fills my heart to know William McKenzie and Wayne Clark trust Pet Helpers and brought these innocent, frail kittens to us. They are in the best hands possible and we will save their life. This is what Pet Helpers does; we fix the broken, heal the wounded, and love all.”