Man Rescues Frozen Kittens with Hot Coffee

Although we see more cases of animal abuse on the news than rescuing missions, there are still people in the world with a big heart. Recently, a man rescued three poor kittens stuck in the snow with (get this) a hot cuppa Joe.

That’s right – coffee doesn’t just save our lives in the morning. It can obviously be used to save the lives of poor kittens. Kendall Diwisch from Alberta, Canada, saw three kittens stuck in the snow with their tails frozen in it. He had to think fast or the kitties would lose their tails or worse – die!

Kendall didn’t have a lot of time to think so he grabbed his flask of hot coffee and poured it onto the ice. The ice didn’t melt away completely, but it got loose enough for the man to pull the kittens out.

Of course, the oil worker from Alberta brought them home immediately and warmed the poor kittens up. After he fed them, it was time for the wet for some de worming. Kendall wrote about his incredible experience in a Facebook post and now hopes that the kittens would find new warm homes. We hope so too.