No One Knew If This 8-Week-Old Kitten Covered In Oil Would Survive …

AUSTRALIA – An 8-week-old kitten was discovered completely covered in oil inside an oil drum in Tasmania, Australia, back in January.

Source: Just Cats Tasmania

Rescuers are still very unsure as to just how she ended up in a barrel of motor oil in a workplace, however, she was incredibly lucky to be found by workers there when they heard the tiny animal.

Her rescuers immediately recognized that she was extremely weak and attempted to wipe some of the viscous substance off of the feline. They did all they could to help, but knew that she needed urgent care, and so entrusted her to the outfit, Just Cats Tasmania, which is located in Longford.

Source: Just Cats Tasmania

This wee one was seriously ill after ingesting a dangerous amount of the oil in which she was submerged, leaving the volunteers absolutely unsure as to if she would make it.

Luckily, though, the tiny feline was very determined to survive and proved to be much stronger than she at first seemed.

Just a few hours following her arrival, she managed to make it through the worst and was out of critical condition. Amazed by her inner strength, staff at the shelter named the little girl ‘Sila’, meanings strength in Slovak.

Source: Just Cats Tasmania

This brave kitty certainly proved to be more than deserving of her name, after defying all the odds to survive. Sila is now waiting and hoping to find her forever home with a loving family.

Watch the video of the adorable kitten safe from harm just below:

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