Man Rescues Kitten from the Road and Helps Him Walk Again

One day, a man was on his way to work and he found something no cat lover ever wants to see. He spotted a wee one of a kitten on the side of a road. The baby appeared to be completely lifeless.

The man immediately pulled over his motorcycle and went over to see for himself what had happened to the cat.

But then it happened. There was a glimmer of hope! He noticed that the baby still had a bit of a heartbeat!


The biker realized he couldn’t just get back on his bike and proceed to work. He had to do something to try and help the poor animal.

And so, the kind-hearted man tucked the kitten into his bag and safely transported the kitty to a local animal hospital to get some help for it.


He then went a step further. We suppose he could have simply dropped the kitten off and continued on his way to work but he didn’t. Instead, the hero decided to remain at the animal hospital until the kitten had been completely checked out.

The vet at the ER told the man that the kitty would need to remain in the hospital overnight due to some trauma and injuries that the baby sustained.

He stayed with the kitten at the ER until the vet told the man that the tabby would need to stay overnight, mostly for observation, due to the trauma and injuries.


The very next day, the biker returned to the hospital to check on the kitty. The wee one seemed to have made a complete turn-around.

The kitten had basically come back to life and surprised not only the kitten’s motorcycling rescuer, but also the staff at the hospital.

However, there were still some issues. One of the kitten’s legs appeared to be paralyzed. The vet told the man it was possible that they might need to amputate that one leg, but they wanted to wait just a bit to see if the problem with the leg would somehow work itself out on its own.

The man and his fiance, by this time, had already spoken with each other about the situation and decided to adopt the kitten themselves.

The biker simply fell in love with the kitten, probably from the moment he saw it!


They named the wee one Chestnut, for that was the name of the road where the man first discovered the kitty.

When Chestnut arrived at this new home, his leg was still quite weak but as time went on, more and more feeling and power seemed to come back to it!

His new forever humans fed him with a syringe and did everything in their hearts to make the kitty feel safer and healthier and also loved.

Chestnut still had some difficulties when it came to turning and balancing but as the days marched on, he showed definite signs of improvement.

The kitten basically needed to learn how to walk all over again.


Originally, as mentioned above, the hospital staff weren’t sure if the damage done to the leg was permanent or not.

Perhaps it was love that helped the healing process along?

In just a few months time, Chestnut was like a brand new kitty and he never lost his fighting spirit!

“If you didn’t know his back story you’d swear he was fine. He is so big now,” Reddit user Superhero_skyscraper explained.

“He’s walking straight and gained a lot of feeling back on his right side, although he still favors his left. He’s acting more and more like a normal kitten every day.”


Chestnut did survive his traumatic ordeal. That’s a far cry from wondering whether or not he would live through that first night!

If only all cats and kittens got the same second chance Chestnut got and with such great results! This world would be a better place, wouldn’t it?